Incident Response & Forensics

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Data breaches are on the rise and Organizational liability is high. Risks of identity theft are pervasive. Particularly vulnerable are industries and organizations bound by processes and procedures involving the acquisition, processing, retention, transmission and destruction of protected data, including Personally Identifiable Information.​ To buck this trend, regulators continue to stack new responsibilities on organizations when they experience a breach: detection capabilities, appropriate response plans, forensic investigation processes, and the capability to report to constituencies and/or regulators.

In a recent survey of more than 1,100, CIOs and IT professionals ranked incident response as a critical priority. This underscores a growing demand by IT functions and C-suite executives for rigorous incident management plans anchored by up-to-date response policies and trusted processes.

​Our experts have responded to some of the most significant and industry-relevant security breaches over the last few years. Organizations have turned to our experts for critical help with their responses to cyber-attacks. STG’s experts constantly work in the development and planning of global situational tabletop role-playing scenarios designed to better prepare organizations for cyber-attacks based on modelling emerging attacker trends and capabilities.

Common questions we hear from our clients:

  • What is the standard practice on reporting violations to the board of directors?
  • How are organizations measuring employee understanding of risk management accountabilities?
  • What is your experience in vendors reporting data breaches to their clients?

How We Can Help

Our incident response experts are always ready and on-call to help you plan and manage global incident response. We believe in proactive responses to security events. STG experts are steeped in the areas of response execution, forensic analysis and response plan development.

No matter how much you invest in security, incidents happen. We can help you minimize the impact to your business.