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Need to apply for a visa? Here’s all you need to know

A student visa is an endorsement by the immigration authorities on your passport. It indicates that you are allowed to enter and stay to study for a specified period.

When should I apply for my student visa?

You can begin your student visa application once you receive confirmation of your enrolment in your chosen university or institution. It’s best to apply as early as possible, regardless of when your program is due to start, as the time taken for your visa to process will vary from country to country. 

If you plan to seek any financial aid (in terms of scholarships and education loans), To avail any financial aid i.e., scholarship or education loan, the visa application should be initiated on a prior basis as the process can be time-consuming. 

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How do I apply for a student visa?

There are several steps to consider when you apply for a student visa. However, the order of these steps i.e., processes and requirements may vary as per the country where you plan to study.  

Most students will require evidence of: 

Enrolment in a recognised educational institution.

Proof of your capacity to cover the cost of airfares, course tuition fees and living costs for you (and your family members) for the duration of your stay year.

Passport size photos and a passport valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay.

Some countries may require evidence of your English language proficiency, or ask you to undertake health examinations and/or police checks.

How can STGI help in your visa applications?

If you’re an STGI student with an offer letter from us, we can advise you on how to go about the entire process. We’ll make sure you are fully informed on the latest visa requirements and conditions; also help you prepare the right documents for your submission.. 

Our team of experts will direct you to the official websites and to authorised immigration representatives to ensure you have the latest applications forms and guidance. To reduce your hassle, we can also help certify, translate and courier your documents. 

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Indian Student Visas are granted to individuals who wish to come to India and study at a recognized educational institution. They may apply for the same after receiving an offer letter from any of the Study in India partner institutes. Indian Missions/Embassies under the Government of India will grant the Indian Student Visa to foreign nationals who wish to pursue the following:

  • Regular, full-time, structured courses at educational institutes duly recognised by the statutory regulatory body in India.
  • Short-term courses and student exchange programmes.


Indian Missions/Embassies grant a student visa for a period of five years or for the duration of the course of study, whichever is less, to the below:

  • To foreigner students coming to India to pursue regular and full-time academic studies in India.
  • For foreigner students coming for industrial training, summer projects, and internships.
  • Provisional student visa valid for six months for the students exploring admission or taking admission tests.
  • Applicants should possess proof of admission to a full-time regular academic course in a reputed/recognized educational institution in India and evidence of financial support.
  • The applicant should also possess a "No Objection Certificate" from the Ministry of Health in case of admission in a medical or Paramedical course.
  • Spouse and dependent family members accompanying the applicant must apply for an Entry Visa (Not Tourist Visa). The termination date of the Entry Visa will coincide with the period of the principal visa holder.


Student visas are issued for up to five years, depending on the duration of the course. They can also be extended in India. Further, the passengers having valid Student visas can enter India from any desired port of immigration check post (Airport, Seaport).


The fees for a student visa are different for all the countries. Generally, the amount ranges from $14 to $118 but the students are advised to check the fees by contacting the Indian mission/embassy in their home country.


  • Passport with 6-month validity
  • Passport size photographs
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Proof of residential address
  • A printed copy of the online (filled) form
  • Formal admission letter
  • Details of the University
  • Bank Statement

Disclaimer: However, the requirement of documents for student visas may differ across countries. You are required to confirm the same from your nearest Indian embassy.


The visitors are required to fill an online visa Application by visiting the website visit their nearest embassy with a printout of the online filled application and required travel documents.

People visiting India on Student Visa(S) (including those coming for the study of Yoga, Vedic Culture, the Indian system of dance and Music), Research Visa(R), Medical Visa(M) or Medical Attendant (MED-X) Visa and Employment Visa(E) valid for more than 180 days are required to get themselves registered with concerned FRRO, within 14 days of the first arrival, irrespective of the duration of the stay.


Indian Missions/Embassies grant a student visa for a period of five years or for the duration of the course of study, whichever is less, to the below:

  • As per the e-FRRO process, there is no requirement of taking an appointment and visiting the FRRO/FRO office unless specifically called upon by the FRRO/FRO authorities.
  • It is a web-based application and a centralized online platform for foreigners/ international students that enables faceless, cashless, and paperless visa-related services.
  • Using this application, the students are required to create a USER-ID by registering themselves.
  • Once registration is completed, the students can apply online for various Visa and Immigration related services using the registered USER-ID. International students can obtain all the services online (including Registration, Visa Extension, Visa Conversion, Exit Permit etc) without any hassle.
  • The necessary immigration/Visa documents such as Registration Permit/Certificate (RP/RC), Visa Extension Certificate will be sent to the students by post to the address mentioned while registering. Further, the documents will also be sent electronically to the registered email ID of the students.
  • The students are not required to mandatorily visit FRRO/FRO office for a grant of service. However, in certain exceptional cases, they will be informed to visit the FRRO/FRO on the scheduled date and time for the interview.
  • In case of exigency, the students can visit the FRRO/FRO office directly for a grant of service.


  • e-FRRO is mandatory for availing services at FRROs/FROs.
  • Services would be granted at FRRO/FRO office only in case of emergency.
  • The student is required to appear for an interview, if any, at the scheduled time/date, as informed by FRRO through email/SMS alerts. Further, the students should check their inbox daily for email alerts.
  • Students would be liable for prosecution/fines as per Indian laws, for any delay in fee payment/document upload/interview etc.
  • Students are advised to upload documents and photographs in good quality.
  • Students should use their own email id to ensure data privacy and data security as important communication would be sent to your email.
  • Services rendered through e-FRRO can be cancelled by the Civil Authority at any time, upon field enquiries and verification. Cancellation would be duly informed to the student and necessary action, as per Indian Laws, would be taken.
  • Students are advised to apply at least 2 weeks in advance.

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Also, once the students reach India they will get the required assistance from their respective Study in India partner institutes.

The international students coming to study in India can be sure of the fact that their stay in the country will be nothing less than a joyful journey. India will serve as a home away from their own home. As and when they land in the country they will come across easy to avail facilities, a friendly environment, top-notch higher education and all-together wholesome experience.

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