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Hosted Private Cloud is a virtualized data center dedicated to an organization within a service providers’ data center, specially designed to handle a company’s workloads. It offers the efficiency, resilience and scalability of a Public Cloud, with the security, control, and performance of a dedicated environment.

The STG Private Cloud solution allows your enterprise the ultimate hands-on supervision and administrative control over your cloud computing deployment. A Private Cloud allows your organization the ability to retain a comprehensive oversight, when it comes to your data, applications and other computing resources. STG’s, Private Cloud Hosting will ensure compliance within the most demanding regulatory environments, addressing requirements and enabling a highly secure network ecosystem. While hosted Private Cloud services can require greater resource outlays and upfront costs than a Public Cloud, it offers companies with highly specific compliance and risk profiles an agile, scalable and significantly more secure environment.

STG is able to deliver a highly structured, outcome and organization specific, optimized and solution- oriented approach in guiding the design and deployment of your Hosted Private Cloud. Our experienced professionals tackle the implementation, taking into account your existing needs, as well as the projections of your likely future requirements, in order to allow your organization the ultimate flexibility in deploying hybrid or wholly virtual Private Cloud environments. In addition to security and flexibility, A Private Cloud solution gives your enterprise a consolidated view of your resources, with the ability to track and manage them to a highly specific degree. STG can deliver a Private Cloud deployment that allows your organization the operational flexibility to deploy a resource efficient and optimally performing solution, within even the most security and compliance sensitive business environment.

Benefit from STG’s Scalable and Highly Secure Private Cloud Hosting Services for all your Enterprise Cloud Computing needs!

STG offers a unique solution for clients who wish to have their own Virtual Data Centre (vDC) and ensures that your vDC remains isolated, firewalled and completely secure to fully support compute, processing, network and storage.

Our Managed and Hosted Private Cloud Services allow your organization the ability to provision virtual machines from a pool of resources assigned to your enterprise and you pay accordingly. We provide this cloud infrastructure service (IaaS) with high uptime and SLAs.

Managed Private Cloud

STG’s Managed Private Cloud is highly secure, offering the users a fully managed vDC environment along with compute, storage and network.

Unmanaged Private Cloud

When you choose Unmanaged VPS hosting, the responsibility of management and monitoring lies with you. However, any of the managed services can be added as an optional add-on.

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  • Flexible billing options
  • Reduced Capex
  • 24/7/365 IT Support
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Reduced lead time and faster deployment
  • Easy scalability of Infrastructure
  • Increased Security and High Reliability
  • Service Level Agreement (SLAs)