Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Services

What’s Your Plan B when a Disaster Strikes?

Data loss is increasingly becoming less acceptable because of the value of organizational data and the inability to re-create it. Uninterrupted uptime and availability of mission critical data is therefore not just a necessity, but is in fact crucial to business survival & success.

Dependable business continuity and resilient computing resources are essential pre-requisites for a modern day enterprises. STG’s Disaster Recovery solution utilizes ongoing back-up and replication, flexible infrastructure models, targeted DR drills and real time monitoring to ensure that your organization meets its Recovery Point Objective-RPO and Recovery Time Objective-RTO for all its data and application dependencies. Our Disaster Recovery Services are some of the most dependable in the industry.

An effective disaster recovery solution for a business needs to address a wide array of potential risks, from natural calamities to ransomware, human error, faulty or inadequate physical infrastructure and hardware, as well as numerous other possible sources of disruption. As one of the region’s premier business continuity and disaster recovery service providers, our experience confirms that your IT resources are only as resilient as the weakest link in your chain of interdependent components. Managed disaster recovery begins with identifying and mitigating these risks. A disaster related disruption can compromise and undermine your businesses model in ways that go beyond simply the risk of losing access to mission critical data and resources. An effective and dependable Managed Disaster Recovery service ultimately protects your hard earned reputation, customer loyalty and brand value.

Ensure availability of mission critical systems with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services from STG

STG’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions to recover business-critical applications in case of a disaster. We also ensure availability of critical applications, offering various DR options including hosting of Physical Infrastructure, Hosted/Virtual Private Cloud, connectivity between multiple sites, DR/Business Continuity Seats etc.

STG’s Disaster recovery solutions enable the highest standards in operational resilience that are compatible with your specific business profile. As a Business Continuity Service provider, the flexible options we offer your organization allow customizable control in maintaining a proactive disaster preparedness status, with the help of up to date and evolving solutions. We facilitate ease of ongoing testing and the ability to easily and quickly recover any part of your infrastructure to ensure process continuity and system robustness. From effective disaster recovery seats and physical infrastructure to a highly customized and coherent set of solutions, we take ownership as a Disaster Recovery Services company and deliver support our clients can count on.

What we offer?

  • Option to host both Production and DR sites: Multiple Data Centers across GCC & Globe.
  • Customized Design & Architected DR solutions to meet your specific RTO & RPO requirements.
  • Cost effective Cloud or Dedicated Physical Infrastructure based Disaster Recovery services.
  • Dashboards to view real time RTO & RPO levels, Replication Status etc.
  • Replication & DR Management / Automation solution – Conduct DR Drills, Initiate DR Failover / Failback etc.