Vulnerability Management

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Find and Fix weaknesses before they are exploited….

At STG we have qualified consultants in our team that poses some of the industry leading level of certification in the field of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Vulnerability Assessment is not simply running scanning tools and providing you results but actually going beyond basic automated scanning to provide manual validation and analysis of threats/vulnerabilities identified by scanning and removing the false positives.

The depth of these services helps eliminate inaccurate reports that can occur with automated scanning and facilitate a more precise understanding of the real security posture of your systems. The assessment concludes with a detailed report that outlines validated vulnerabilities, risk ratings, and remediation recommendations and a stakeholder debriefing.

Why choose STG for your Vulnerability Assessments / Management?

  • Beyond tools: Our approach goes beyond the use of automated tools and processes to include manual reviews, adverse analysis, and tailored manual techniques to fully explore identified vulnerabilities from our team of security experts.
  • Time-efficient process: We ensure all assessments are effectively executed within your project timeline by prioritizing the urgency of potential vulnerabilities and ensuring we abide by the rule of engagement.
  • Deep insight: Our assessments provide you with Valuable and Actionable Insights into discovered vulnerabilities, projected business impact, and remediation steps where applicable.