Cyber Security

Software Technology Group (STG) is a technology driven company, providing world-class software consulting and training solutions to organizations and professionals.

Established in 2003, STG has experienced excellent success and growth. STG has alliances with leading technology firms.

Even STG dedicated our self in the area of “Information Technology”, where we have a team of qualified professionals dedicated towards growth & reliability. We provide Information Technology Solutions, Services & Support to Corporate & Individuals, We plan, Design, Implement & Manage IT solutions for your business. We provide & asses all the technology areas.

Application Security

The use of Applications is now critical to every businesses needs and is rapidly expanding into everyone’s life. Mobile and cloud computing are dramatically changing the way we do business. Today, the world runs on applications, and, as a result, every company is becoming a software company – regardless of its primary business. And it’s imperative that every organization protects its applications. Application security is the use of software, hardware, processes and procedural methods to protect applications from both internal and external threats. Every application, be it purchased or developed in house needs to be protected against vulnerabilities and data loss.

Application security encompasses measures taken throughout the application’s life-cycle to prevent exceptions in the security policy of an application or the underlying system through flaws in the design, development, deployment, upgrade or maintenance of the application. Conventional network security appliances do not protect resources and services from application level of risks and threats. Modern day threats are very much focused and targeted towards application level, often bypassing traditional security systems.

STG’s range of application security solutions can help you build a strong system of defense against the loss of any assets required for the smooth operation of your business. STG specializes in the following domains:

·         Web Application Firewall

·         OWASP Top 10 Mitigation

·         Database Security and Activity Monitoring

·         Content Security

·         Secure File Transfer

Vulnerability Management


Find and Fix weaknesses before they are exploited….


At STG we have qualified consultants in our team that poses some of the industry leading level of certification in the field of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Vulnerability Assessment is not simply running scanning tools and providing you results but actually going beyond basic automated scanning to provide manual validation and analysis of threats/vulnerabilities identified by scanning and removing the false positives.


The depth of these services helps eliminate inaccurate reports that can occur with automated scanning and facilitate a more precise understanding of the real security posture of your systems. The assessment concludes with a detailed report that outlines validated vulnerabilities, risk ratings, and remediation recommendations and a stakeholder debriefing.


Why choose STG for your Vulnerability Assessments / Management?

·         Beyond tools: Our approach goes beyond the use of automated tools and processes to include manual reviews, adverse analysis, and tailored manual techniques to fully explore identified vulnerabilities from our team of security experts.

·         Time-efficient process: We ensure all assessments are effectively executed within your project timeline by prioritizing the urgency of potential vulnerabilities and ensuring we abide by the rule of engagement.

·         Deep insight: Our assessments provide you with Valuable and Actionable Insights into discovered vulnerabilities, projected business impact, and remediation steps where applicable.

Penetration Testing

Systems are usually penetrated by Outsiders, Insiders and Business Competition – and the cost of a data breach can rapidly multiply. The sophistication of IT attacks is on the rise and the statistics are disturbing:

  • 75% of breaches are executed within minutes of initial internal network access
  • 92% of organizations are made aware of a breach via third-party notification
  • In 54% of cases, it takes companies more than one month to become aware of a compromise
  • 38% of organizations take longer than one week to respond to and mitigate a breach

Protecting sensitive data and systems helps organizations avoid costly breaches, loss of intellectual property, business disruption and reputation damage.


The power of STG’s testing lies in the skills of our experts and pool of our talent is from among the best in the industry. Our holistic approach scrutinizes the people, process and technology in the Organization. This approach considers addressing the growing variety of attacks, including social engineering that targets employees, Advanced Persistent Threats, internal threats, Botnets, precision Malware and attacks using social media technologies.  We can partner with you to protect the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your key systems and data – while at the same time balancing the costs and limitations that security controls can put on your Organization. 

External Penetration Testing

During External Penetration Testing, our team of security experts simulates real-world attacks against your public-facing IT infrastructure to find security holes and how the bad guys could break in.

Internal Penetration Testing

During Internal Penetration Testing, STG simulates the "insider threat" by attacking your internal network, from the perspective of a trusted, malicious insider (or employee).

Web and Mobile App Penetration Testing

In a Web and Mobile App Penetration Test, our consultants perform focused attacks against your custom-built web and mobile applications to identify their vulnerabilities before they move to production.

Network Security Audit

Network Security Audit is a fundamental part of any I.T Security standard; with security dynamics within your organization ever changing, new threats materializing, risks exposure increasing, new applications provisioned with inherent security concerns, auditing becomes an integral process to ensure risks are contained and controlled.

Frequent Network Security Audit allows your organization to periodically assess and review the security posture of a certain environments; identifying key risk factors, categorizing them based on priority and severity level, quantifying the risk and placing an action on the risk. Risk management process is tightly integrated with our Network Security Audit service.

With qualified Information Systems Auditors, our Network Security Audit service is based on;

·      Audit Scope and Statement of Work – Identifies which environment the audit will take place

·      Information Gathering and Assessment – Identification of Risks within the particular environment

·      Categorization of Risk based on Severity

·      Quantify the Risks based on Probability and likelihood

·      Business Impact Analysis

·      Risk Management recommendation – mitigate, acceptance, transference and action for residual risk

·      Audit reporting and communication


Network Security Audits can be requested in the following areas:

·      Network Firewalls

·      Intrusion Prevention System

·      Web Application Security

·      Database Security

·      Network and System Management Security

·      Infrastructure hardening

For more information on Network Security Audit Service from STG please contact a member of the sales team.


Risk Management

Often Risk is an afterthought to strategy setting and risk management is an appendage to performance management. Recent events have reminded management and directors that a comprehensive view of their risks is no longer a luxury, but a requirement, so that they can provide the appropriate incentives and controls to counter the potential for individuals to discount risks that are significant to their organizations.

 STG’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) professionals’ partner with management to ensure that risk is appropriately considered in the strategy-setting process and is integrated with performance management. We work with companies to design, implement and maintain effective capabilities to manage their most critical risks and address cultural and other organizational issues that can compromise those capabilities. We help them evaluate technology solutions for reliable monitoring and reporting, and implement new processes successfully over time.

STG can deliver the cyber risk management framework that is also compliant and benchmarked to standards such as ISO27005:2011.

STG takes into account your business landscape, threat profile, inherent risk level and your risk tolerance level that would be acceptable to the business in case of the risk materializing. The risk management framework will be customized to meet your business landscape and we adopt different strategies depending on your level of maturity and ability to perform, maintain and monitor risks on an ongoing basis.

We often find implementing a detailed risk management framework for an organization that has not established sounds controls and not reach the maturity curve expected has the counter effect.

STG recommends including the following attributes in cyber security risk management frameworks to make it effective;

1.    Effective framework that includes the entire organizational eco-system

2.    End-to-end scope coverage

3.    Risk assessment based on threat modeling

4.    Proactive incident response planning

5.    Dedicated cyber security and risk resources


Enterprise Risk Assessment

Here we help you identify the risks that really matter to the execution of your strategy

Performance and Risk Integrated Management

Here we help you integrate risk with strategy setting and risk management with performance management.

Incident Response & Forensics

Data breaches are on the rise and Organizational liability is high. Risks of identity theft are pervasive. Particularly vulnerable are industries and organizations bound by processes and procedures involving the acquisition, processing, retention, transmission and destruction of protected data, including Personally Identifiable Information.​ To buck this trend, regulators continue to stack new responsibilities on organizations when they experience a breach: detection capabilities, appropriate response plans, forensic investigation processes, and the capability to report to constituencies and/or regulators.

 In a recent survey of more than 1,100, CIOs and IT professionals ranked incident response as a critical priority. This underscores a growing demand by IT functions and C-suite executives for rigorous incident management plans anchored by up-to-date response policies and trusted processes.


​Our experts have responded to some of the most significant and industry-relevant security breaches over the last few years. Organizations have turned to our experts for critical help with their responses to cyber-attacks.  STG’s experts constantly work in the development and planning of global situational tabletop role-playing scenarios designed to better prepare organizations for cyber-attacks based on modelling emerging attacker trends and capabilities.

 Common questions we hear from our clients:

  • What is the standard practice on reporting violations to the board of directors?
  • How are organizations measuring employee understanding of risk management accountabilities?
  • What is your experience in vendors reporting data breaches to their clients? 

 How We Can Help

Our incident response experts are always ready and on-call to help you plan and manage global incident response.  We believe in proactive responses to security events. STG experts are steeped in the areas of response execution, forensic analysis and response plan development.

 No matter how much you invest in security, incidents happen. We can help you minimize the impact to your business.


Network & Security Operation Centre


Every business environment today has embarked on a journey of digital transformation and with rapid cloud adoption comes with its own set of vulnerabilities and complex security challenges. Cyber risk increases manifold with increasing touch-points within and outside the security perimeter. Adopting a preventive approach to data security breach is not enough and the need of the hour is proactive and constant monitoring to identify any vulnerabilities in the network and take rapid action to counter any threats.

This is where a Network / Security Operations Center (NOC/SOC) completely fits the bill. NOC/SOC includes a highly skilled team that operates round-the-clock and serves as a centralized platform to monitor, prevent, detect, analyze and respond to cyber security incidents. Built on the pillars of people, process and technology, NOC/SOC bolsters the security posture of an organization by uncovering all the major network susceptibilities and addressing them. To keep up with the ever-evolving threat scenario, outsourcing NOC/SOC to experts with access to a deep and wide talent pool in network security is emerging as most viable option.


·         Complete Managed Service

·         Pay-as-you-use approach to security

·         24X7 Incident Response

·         Advisory Reports & Security Collaboration

·         Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Tests

·         Managing of threat intelligence feeds/portals/reports

·         Real-time Intelligence and correlation aligned to current business risks

·         Leveraging machine learning technologies to focus on relevant alerts and eliminate false alarms

Security Awareness & Training

Empower Your Weakest Link

STG experts can deliver custom Security Awareness Training that enables your employees to make smarter security decisions, every day. The security awareness training program helps you keep your users on their toes with top-of-mind security issues.

You receive measurable results that demonstrate security awareness of your employees over time. Delivered through a series of workshops by engaging your users through interactive training combined with simulated social engineering attacks via email, phone and text.