Penetration Testing

Systems are usually penetrated by Outsiders, Insiders and Business Competition – and the cost of a data breach can rapidly multiply. The sophistication of IT attacks is on the rise and the statistics are disturbing:

  • 75% of breaches are executed within minutes of initial internal network access
  • 92% of organizations are made aware of a breach via third-party notification
  • In 54% of cases, it takes companies more than one month to become aware of a compromise
  • 38% of organizations take longer than one week to respond to and mitigate a breach

Protecting sensitive data and systems helps organizations avoid costly breaches, loss of intellectual property, business disruption and reputation damage.


The power of STG’s testing lies in the skills of our experts and pool of our talent is from among the best in the industry. Our holistic approach scrutinizes the people, process and technology in the Organization. This approach considers addressing the growing variety of attacks, including social engineering that targets employees, Advanced Persistent Threats, internal threats, Botnets, precision Malware and attacks using social media technologies.  We can partner with you to protect the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your key systems and data – while at the same time balancing the costs and limitations that security controls can put on your Organization. 

External Penetration Testing

During External Penetration Testing, our team of security experts simulates real-world attacks against your public-facing IT infrastructure to find security holes and how the bad guys could break in.

Internal Penetration Testing

During Internal Penetration Testing, STG simulates the "insider threat" by attacking your internal network, from the perspective of a trusted, malicious insider (or employee).

Web and Mobile App Penetration Testing

In a Web and Mobile App Penetration Test, our consultants perform focused attacks against your custom-built web and mobile applications to identify their vulnerabilities before they move to production.