Data Center

Data Center is very critical to any business as it hosts key service systems. It acts as a central repository where the key data of the enterprise is managed. It controls user access, filters packets for security, processes applications, computes information, and stores data for backup.


 Modern Data Center:

ü  24 X 7 lights-out operations

ü  Capacity on Demand

ü  Energy Efficient

ü  Simplified and Optimal operations

ü  Service Oriented

ü  Modular and Flexible


 Our Solution:

ü  Data Center Consulting

ü  Modular Data Center in a rack (HCI)

ü  Containerized Data Center

ü  Conventional DC design


 Data Center Deployment:

ü  Large Scale expansion of Data Center capacity

ü  Infrastructure for Enterprise Cloud Computing

ü  Ready Data Center adoption for Enterprise DR & BCP requirements

ü  Ready Compute platform VDI